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Join the fight for "Freedom" with our special brand of commentary on today's latest happenings...and sometimes... yesterday's biggest kerfuffles!

Meme Ordnance

Focus on how you can benefit your community by offering "Lefties" a healthy serving of "iron rations" that use simple words, so that you don't confuse people.

Shortcuts (They save time)

Give a "Lefty" that inspirational nudge they need to take a leap of faith, straight to destination "Red Pilled."

Hand-picked from around the internet and dipped in our special sauce, these spicy video clips are brief (like a Lefty's attention span) but they pack a serious punch!

Who we are and why we're here...

Red Pill Road exists to remind people of who we are as a nation, as people and… what it really means to be FREE. We might ruffle a few “Commie” feathers in the process, but we honestly don’t care.

You won’t find any crying rooms, safe spaces or apologies, here.

What you will find, are videos containing:

  • Commentary on News & Current Events
  • Memes (to share with family & friends)
  • Heaping helpings of satire
  • Boatloads of National Pride

And… just about anything else that will help a red-blooded, flag waving,  American Patriot get through a single day  in “Clown World.”

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